Times and Seasons.

Jack was eager and excited to relocate to a bubbling city because people he knew were relocating to that city. He concluded he would be better off in his anticipated new town. He quickly informed his employer about his decision before officially putting it down in writing.

A few weeks after his relocation, things began to go south. There is usually that challenge that comes with relocating to a new environment. Anyone in Jack’s shoes will brace up, giving hope to their present circumstance, knowing it’s a new environment.

Weeks turned to months and months to years. Rather than light and progress, Jack consistently experienced darkness and retrogression. 

Misery is an understatement compared to the life Jack was experiencing.

He followed the rhythm of men rather than Gods’.

When we ignore our seasons, we will experience the life of Jack. A life of darkness, retrogression, regrets, and misery.

As we aspire for an effective and fruitful year and life, we must know that our fruitfulness is tied to our seasons. Sensitivity and wisdom remain precious virtues that should be treasured.

If you must align with God’s wholesome and great plan for you,

If you must be productive,

If you must be a gift to men,

Then, you must know without fail and be sensitive to times and seasons.

If knowing your seasons requires you to wait, then please wait.

If knowing your seasons requires you to pray and fast, please do.

If knowing your seasons requires you to seek counsel, please go for one.

If knowing your seasons requires you to change your circle of associates, please do.

You need to be poised enough to conduct yourself by aligning with the Spirit of God so that you don’t miss out on your season.

We miss out when we follow the tempo of men rather than God. 

In this new year, know your times and seasons so that you can see and celebrate the growth and fruitfulness you desire.

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