Reversing Your Blessings to Curses.

While studying the account of Eli and his sons, I discovered how a trans-generational promise and blessing became reversed to a curse.

God, in His nature of selection, chooses the house of Aaron to be the Priest who will stand and offer incense before His altar. Aaron was from the tribe of Levi.

God chose the tribe of Levi to be a priest forever. They were the Lord’s Portion

One can liken the tribe of Levi to God’s favourite, portion, or delight. Imagine you as a parent having a favourite amongst your children or you as a child being your parent’s favourite. The tribe of Levi belonged to God.

The Priesthood promise of God was initially given to Aaron. Eli was a descendant of Ithamar, the fourth and youngest son of Aaron, the High Priest. He became a high priest after the death of Pinehas, the son of Elazar.

Eli was the kind of leader people loved. He was a kind man, and he was beloved by all the people who looked to him for spiritual guidance. One of his undoing weaknesses is not being firm with his children. 

The parents of Samuel gave him back to the Lord by practically attaching him to Eli, the priest. The child Samuel faithfully served Eli and followed his instructions. Under Eli’s guidance, Samuel grew up in a wholly religious atmosphere and soon became a worthy pupil.

But his children were wayward and did terrible things. In God’s warning to Eli, he was blamed for the conduct and lifestyle of his sons. In the prophecy, Eli was informed about a tragic end.  His sons would die, and the priesthood would pass on from his house to that of another. Yet, Eli did nothing.

The tragic end of Eli occurred when he heard of the fate of the Ark. He fell backward from his seat, overcome with grief, and there died, at ninety-eight years old, after having been a judge for forty years.

We call for a tragic end when we keep silent towards God’s warning.

The warning prophecy was fulfilled. 

The life of Eli and his sons are filled with lessons which are;

  • The account of Eli has made us aware of God’s other side, how God can promise a man blessing and later withdraw His promise. 
  • God is no respecter of persons. He’s not carried away by the number of years of service you rendered to Him. Once you divert from His precept, He judges you with your present, not your past. 
  • No man is indispensable. 
  • God never lacks men to carry out His assignment.

Our lifestyle and attitude toward God and humanity can reverse God’s promise to us to a curse because God is no respecter of persons.

May our priesthood and blessings never be reversed, like in the case of Eli and his sons.

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