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Never Lose Hope

Abigail was going through her emails to read and also delete irrelevant emails. She came across an email that immediately switched her to another thanksgiving session. She always thanked God whenever she remembered His goodness.

She and her family desperately needed accommodation because they were relocating to another city.

Due to the circumstances and urgency surrounding their relocation, any accommodation was fine by her at that moment. It was essential to her to have a roof over their heads, irrespective of the space, neighbourhood, etc.

She sensed her husband wasn’t in support of her choice of accommodation. He always has an eye and goes for good things. He would always say to her, ‘Ruby, we can go for something better.’ She will always refute it because what he calls better is what she will call best.

The competition was high. They made more than fifteen applications for almost two months and were unsuccessful. On one of the occasions, they met more than eight persons who were equally there to view the exact property that they were also interested in. 

They kept getting emails that always began with ‘unfortunately.’ Abigail was unhappy during such times, and as they began to get more emails like that, it started to affect her mood.

Guess what! Her husband never flinched. He was so calm and kept saying they would get something better.

They kept praying, believing in God, and continued their apartment hunting. 

Just when Abigail was losing hope, she got a call from her husband. ‘Ruby, we’ve gotten a house.’ Hello! What are you saying? She immediately asked, being surprised. 

‘I got an email from one of the agents asking if I will be interested in a property and can come for a viewing.’ At this point, she was mute after her husband shared the good news. How can this happen? A property they didn’t apply for, and, secondly, it was to be put up on the property market site today. Her husband immediately arranged for a viewing. 

They couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the property. They searched and applied for an apartment with two or three rooms; behold, a beautiful house in a suitable environment was before them. The cost was the same for a two-bedroom apartment. 

Abigail screamed, “This can only be GOD.”

I don’t know what you have been praying and trusting in God for, and it seems to you that He’s very far from you.

Are you considering settling for the pond because you think you can’t see the ocean let alone have it?

Are you thinking of going for the crumbs because you feel you can’t have a loaf of bread?

Why do you want to settle for mediocrity when you can be a legend?

Why do you want to settle in sin when you can settle in Salvation?

Before God spoke the world into beauty, He already pictured a beautiful world filled with light.

Abigail’s husband saw a picture in his mind of the kind of house they needed and repeatedly spoke it into God’s ears and existence.

Hey! Beloved, what do you need from the Father of goodness?

Desire it,

Speak it repeatedly to God and into existence,

Work towards it where necessary.

Your Joy will be Full.

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