They are Humans

Most times parents, guardians and even older siblings, you are so burdened because of your little ones. These little ones become so reserved. The actions of these little ones/youths have given much concern to you.

Suicide has become the new trend amongst youths especially. Depression was never born in a day. It was a seed that was planted and watered to germinate and grow.

Few years ago, a coursemate of mine committed suicide. I was so hurt because he’s one lovely, gentle and peaceful young man. Immediately after graduation he was amongst the first few persons to get a job.

Why commit suicide? You may ask.

He was passing through stress in his new job and at home, where he was supposed to get peace, his mother would shout at him for every little thing. He got into depression unknown to his mum. One day after the usual misunderstanding with his mum, he just left her and took his life.

Have you ever been misunderstood, embarrassed, insulted, shouted at or judged wrongly? If you have, please, how did you feel?

The exact way you felt when the above is meted out to you that’s how your kids feel too.

They are humans like you too. Don’t forget that.

Have your words or actions towards your children built, healed and encouraged them? Or have they done the opposite?

Words can crumble and a crumbled mind is a temple for depression.

Be careful with your words and actions, and look out constantly for your children.

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