Beware of What You Write

Writing is a hobby for some people while for others it’s a burden. Writing does not necessarily mean writing with a pen on a paper. Today, the invent of technology has made things easier for us.

Typing whatsoever you want on the phone or laptop can be done through word document app or note pad. That’s the power of technology.

No matter the mistakes one makes while writing, they can be corrected immediately with an eraser or correction pen. But once what is written is printed, it can not be erased.

Ironically, everyone writes everyday. Some writings can be corrected while some can never ever be corrected.

Your environment and the people around you are the book while the pen is you. What you write is the final script that can or cannot be erased. You may be a joker, who tells lies for fun or for fear of being punished.

Have you ever seen or known people who are known to be liars? What about those who steal or are chair ladies in gossip, arrogant, immoral, slothful and so on?

They all started little, their environment and the people around them were taking note. Now what is written has been written and cannot be erased.

The nickname liar, arrogant, thief with time takes over one’s identity.

She was young and beautiful but decided to sleep around. What took over her name was “public toilet.” She’s grown but people still know her by that name.

Dearest Babygirl, there are writings that can never be erased. Learn from the old.

What you write today with your life is your identity tomorrow and your identity can deny you opportunities.

Erase now what you can and when you can because you may never have the opportunity to again.

Don’t forget: How you make your bed, you will lie on it.

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