The Pleasure That Pains

We have that one friend who loves pleasure and that person is you and I. Yes, I love pleasure a lot. God even loves pleasure more than us.

Have you forgotten He created all things including us for His pleasure? In case you have forgotten, please open the book of Revelation 4:11.

An industrious man loves pleasure.

A lazy man loves pleasure.

God loves pleasure.

Loving pleasure is not a sin but loving it before its time is a sin.

God showed us a perfect example. Although He needed pleasure, He had to work first before enjoying the pleasure He desired.

God derives pleasure when we give Him praise, lead a gracious and righteous life!

These are the greatest pleasures we can give God.

God wanted the world and the creatures to give Him pleasure.

You desire to be a marine engineer, lawyer, fashion designer, nurse, architect, a business tycoon and so on but you still meddle with frivolities. You still hang out with those friends that don’t study. All they love doing is to go here and there, get the latest fashion and gadgets, gossip, interested in the opposite sex.

You can’t enjoy pleasure now and still expect to have it tomorrow. No way!

Well, time waits for no one and time lost can never be regained.

Most great women and men started when they were teenagers.

They sieved their association and related with great minds.

They asked questions for clarity.

They read, read and read.

They had reasonable and sinless fun.

They utilized their 24hours in a day dutifully.

My girls, this is your opportunity to climb to greatness. Don’t miss any step while climbing please. Pleasure before it’s time brings pain.

When you don’t utilize the free time given to you by God you waste your life and not time.

You cannot waste time, you only waste your life.

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