Faith Is Not Loud

Few years ago, I was in need of roughly above $2000. I was so worried and was always talking to myself about it for weeks and months.

One faithful day, I had a strong faith within to come to God again and ask for it. I obeyed my spirit, soul and body and came before Him.

These were my words;

“Please Daddy, I need $2000 before 1st of November”.

Immediately, I said those words, I heard a voice say to me, “you are limiting Me.”

I apologized and said “OK Daddy, make it $4000”.

Before the 1st of November which was not upto 3weeks after that prayer, I got a call that $4500 had been transferred to me.

Hey! You are wowed now reading this right? I am also wowed and my spirit lifted once more at the capacity and capability of God.

I did not shout, scream or even cry. I had been doing that before then and it yielded nothing.

I decided to try this low faith and it worked. I mean it worked above my expectations.

In your prayer and tears to God please attach faith to it.

When faith wins the battle in the conscious, it moves into the subconscious mind and replaces the pre-existing knowledge.

That is when little mustard faith can move mountains.

We limit God and He is not happy. Maybe, that’s why it looks as though He’s blind to our tears and deaf to our prayers.

You have tried loud prayers

You have tried low prayers

You have tried tears

Have you tried faith? Faith is not loud. Just believe even against hope.

The Bible recorded of Abraham – Romans 4:4a “who against hope believe in hope”.

We admire Abraham and claim his blessings but only a few practice what he did to bring this generational blessings.

What are your needs?

Tell it to Daddy(GOD) as I fondly call Him and add faith p l e a s e.

You will testify shortly.

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