Isolate Your Fears Not Yourself

Even the bravest of men have once experienced failure in one aspect of life.  It could be failure in career, finance, business, health, opportunities, relationship or even marriage.

Failure(s) is to make us know we are humans and not otherwise.

Recently, I was discussing with a friend who shared with me an experience. An experience that till date when he remembers it he sighs.

He experienced a set-back that wasn’t caused by him. Due to that he withdrew himself from people he shouldn’t have.

Shame, disappointment, fear took an upper hand in his life. He looked more at what the set-back could offer and ignore what he could achieve. He allowed the set-back deprive him of joy and wonderful people. Although, one good thing that the set-back achieved was to break pride in him.

No human being on earth loves to be associated with disappointment, shame or failure. Everyone wants to be successful and be friends with successful people. Everyone wants to experience progress in whatever they do.

But you quickly forget that you are human, not perfect and not in control of life. You quickly and easily give up because of the darts thrown at you.

If you know any successful person be it in career, business, finance, ministry or even marriage, go ask them if they at any time experienced a set-back.

Their answer will be a capital YES.

The question next is that in the midst of the challenge(s) they faced how did they come out smiling?

They simply isolated their fears.

  • Have you failed an exam?
  • Have you invested in a business and it crashed?
  • Have you had to spill a year and your mates are ahead of you?
  • Are you experiencing a financial crisis?
  • Are you depressed in that marriage and you’re giving up on your life?
  • Are you discouraged because age is telling on you and you’re single and starving for a companion?
  • Do you rise and fall spiritually and right now it seems as though it’s game over for you?
  • Is your health deteriorating and you’re giving up?

Hello! Isolate your fears rather than isolating yourself.

Isolation of yourself leads to depression and depression is a gateway to death.

How can you isolate your fears, you ask?

KEEP GOOD COMPANY: No man is an island, not even the devil. He works with a company to achieve his target. Don’t allow set-back to keep you away from people who care and can be of help to you.

Don’t forget God still uses humans to help another human. Keep good company and in your company don’t forget to keep GOD as One.

UNDEFEATED MIND: We know defeat starts from the mind. No wonder the wise man tells us to guide our heart with all diligence because the issues of life proceed from it – Proverbs 4:23.

Still see positivity in that challenge/set-back. Don’t give up.

OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN AND GROW: For every challenge in life is an opportunity to learn and grow. Yes! You may learn and grow in patience, love, perseverance, hard-work, diligence, neatness, prayer prowess, humility, kindness, empathy not just sympathy.

PRAY: Never Stop Praying even when you’re feeling blue. It’s best if you isolate yourself in prayer than isolate yourself in fear.

Don’t forget for every set-back there is always an opportunity for you to be set in front for good.

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