The Mystery Of Thanksgiving.

Have you found yourself in a situation that is not palatable? Giving thanks to God despite the emotional struggle, you will discover that you will immediately feel very light in your soul, and the negative emotional effects of those things will disappear.

The challenge is to muster the courage to give thanks at such an awkward time. 

But a person that understands the mystery of Thanksgiving will not find it hard to give thanks at such a time. Thanksgiving is one of the most incredible demonstrations of faith in God that any human being can display. 

Giving thanks in such a circumstance is a way of telling God that you trust him with your whole heart and that you know He is good to you, notwithstanding the present circumstance you may find yourself. 

What thanksgiving helps you to do is to prevent you from cursing God and thus prolong your life. A typical example of this was demonstrated by Job in Job 1: 20. Because the power of life and death is in the tongue, and he that loves it shall eat the fruit thereof. The product of cursing God is death. First, it comes as a spiritual death and then graduates to physical death.  

Thanksgiving to God releases the creative power of the supernatural and supplies our needs in abundance.  

When we actively and constantly thank God for something that has not yet happened, we put God under pressure to give us that for which we are thankful because Thanksgiving is the seed of multiplication. We are simply saying to God by our act of thanksgiving that we consider Him too big and too faithful to fail to give us our heart’s desire. 

David understood this mystery and made Thanksgiving to God a lifestyle.

Jesus knew this, and he multiplied bread and fish by Thanksgiving. 

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