The Maid.

Naaman was the commander of the army of the king of Syria, Benhadad, who the scripture gave an introduction to who he was. He was a mighty man that God used to bring about deliverance and victories to the people of Syria, a great and honourable man but a leper. 2nd Kings 5.

During the raid in Israel, they took a young girl into servitude against her wish to be a maid to Naaman’s wife. The nameless enslaved girl was an instrument to the total healing Naaman experienced.

Aside from the faith and boldness demonstrated by the maid, she also possessed an asset called compassion. Her compassionate heart gave birth to the opportunity for Naaman to be healed from his skin disease.

We never know where and when she possessed this great attribute of compassion. But for her to extend it to her master’s household shows her guileless heart and the kind heart of her master’s wife possessed towards her.

Some people have lost out on financial, spiritual, marital, business, career, and personal development opportunities because of the ill-treatment they meted out to their maids. They forget that these maids are humans with feelings and can be instrumental to their next enormous phase of opportunities.

Dear Woman, you can miss a life-changing golden opportunity because of your ill-treatment and nastiness to your maid, driver, gateman, husband, step-children, stepmother, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, employees, colleagues, or even a stranger.

God often passes golden opportunities through humans irrespective of race, background, tribe, religion, age, and status.

The nameless maid was a carrier to a life-changing opportunity for Naaman and his household.

Everyone deserves love, care, respect, and understanding. Don’t miss out on golden opportunities because of your ill-mannered behaviour.

Be kind and compassionate to everyone. It pays.

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