Your Home Is Recoverable.

During a conversation with a mum, her 5-year-old son told a lie. Just like every reasonable mother would feel, she wasn’t happy with her son. So she asked him: Jim, who taught you how to lie? Five-year-old Jim replied to his Mum, ‘I taught myself.’

The manner and tone he replied were very amusing to me, but a great lesson was derived that cannot be forgotten in a hurry.

Little Jim said he taught himself. This means he also has the power to unlearn what he taught himself.

Being created in the image and likeness of God means that we are created with God’s abilities. And one of such abilities is the power to choose or decide.

Jim, who chose to lie to his mum, could also have decided to tell the truth. 

The power to choose is in us, just like little Jim; what we choose determines the degree of happiness and victories or sadness and hurt we’ll experience.

It is not hidden to the blind how marriage is the focus of the devil. Marriage has given birth to children, communities, churches, and nations. Marriage is the unit that gives birth to other units.

Have you wondered why we have two groups of people in this institution called marriage? 

We have the group who are enjoying their marriage and those who are in regret and speak ill of marriage.

The difference is in the power of choice.

I feel pity, pained and troubled whenever I know or hear of couples struggling to live with each other. I wish fasting and praying for them could make their marriages work, but that’s not all it takes. Sometimes I wish I could inject the right mindset into them.

Satan, being wise, has many strategies that aim to destroy Christian marriages because he knows that’s one major way he can hinder the witness of Christ to the world and the growth of a believer. So one of his tools is called ‘offence.’ And so many Christian couples have fallen prey to his scheme. 

The only way you can oppose Satan’s attack on your marriage is first to understand God’s design for marriage, what He expects from you in this institution, Satan’s technique against marriage, and how to stand and fight against the wiles and plans of the wicked one against your marriages.

When your spouse has done something that has led to offence, irritation, or anger, remember his (Satan) weapon is out to slay your home. Never give him that cheap victory over your home that he seeks.

Like little Jim, it’s in your power to teach yourself and choose love and forgiveness over hate and unforgiveness. 

If you refuse to apply love and forgiveness in your marriage, you can never live a happy and victorious life, no matter how you disguise yourself before people. 

Dear Couple, you deprive yourselves of happiness, growth, progress, victories, security, and blessings when you neglect the weapon of love and forgiveness in your marriage.

Rather than attack yourselves, come together and attack the devil.

Your home is still recoverable.

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