Appreciate The Process.

When next a conversation in your head tells you how further in your journey you should be by now, reply and say, ‘I AM A WORK IN PROGRESS.’ So long as there’s progress, no matter how insignificant, stay true to yourself. 

You must know that your progress into what God created you to be lies in your self-discipline, self-encouragement, and perseverance. Aside from that, your location and who you associate with can propel or hinder your life purpose.

Sometimes, people are confused about who they were created to be and what is expected of them. You must know that experiences and opportunities are channels God uses to reveal His road map of who you’ve been called to be.

That’s why your reactions and actions during your experiences matter a lot. The same goes for the choices you make during your moment of opportunity. In all you do, let your reactions, actions, and choices count because they shape your destiny.

You must know that God is so much interested in your growth progress. That’s why your actions, reactions, and choices must align with Him. This means your goal should always be to please the father in all you do because that’s life’s essence. And in pleasing our heavenly Father, you automatically secure a peaceful life.

When you can’t recognise God’s work of progress in your life, how will you be able to appreciate the process? The lack of realisation and appreciation of what God is doing in your life exposes you to frustration. It will help if you let go of the pain and frustration you have anchored on your journey. If you keep holding on to them, you will never progress and enjoy God’s will for you. 

You cannot be God’s hand extended or a vehicle He uses to reach out to others if you keep holding on to your past. Your past may be sin, fear, hurt, shame, unhealthy associations, negative mindset, failure, and disappointment.

Let go of the wheel and let God drive.

Remember, if you’re not yet adding value to the Kingdom of God, you are not living your best because that’s God’s earnest will and desire for you.

In God’s will for you, have you responded to it? And if you have, how are you responding to His will for you?

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