The Power of Praise.

Sometimes we deflect the praise of men towards us with false humility. It’s only an insincere man who will boldly claim that he hates the praise of men towards him. The holy scriptures inform us God created man in His image and likeness. 

An aspect of the “likeness” of God is that He loves praise. 

One of the reasons God destroyed some of the Israelites in the wilderness is complaints. God hates complaints, and so do we humans. The more we praise God, the less we see reasons to complain, and the more we have reasons to praise Him. The psalmist king David understood this nature of God and lived his life praising God until praises became his lifestyle. 

A popular adage says a lion always begets its kind. 

We are little gods, and like our Maker, when He or our fellow humans praises us, we are fueled to more goodness in action.

The power of praise makes one feel loved, appreciated, and special and, most importantly, motivate the receiver to redeem that praise. Praising your spouse strengthens and intensifies your love for them.

Some marriages are sick as a result of complaints. Couples complain about so many things, and few include; fundamental beliefs, values, dresses, emotional intimacy, sexual satisfaction, house chores, placement of things in their rightful position, expectations, and the list can go on.

Where your spouse isn’t getting it right as expected, praise them in the other areas. Sometimes ignore those actions of theirs that can ignite you to complain. You mustn’t talk.

Complaining drains one emotionally, leaves you in the mud of hurt and pain, and deprives you of creating a beautiful memory and home with your spouse.

Dear Couple, Praise is a weapon.

It pushes hurt away from your marriage. It’s a fuel that keeps your marriage productively progressing and strengthens affection, love, and commitment towards your spouse. 

You cannot praise your spouse when you ignore their emotions and sacrifices. Learn to praise your spouse for their uniqueness, presence in your life, and the little or much they do, and you will see how your home becomes brand new. 

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