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An Opportunity for Exchange.

Most times, we are quick to judge others from their appearance or past. We forget too quickly that the negative past can affect a man but may not define his present due to a transaction of EXCHANGE.

While studying the woman tagged by the Pharisees as ‘sinful,’ I was challenged by her courage and determination.  Luke 7:36-50

She heard about the coming of Jesus to her city and hurriedly got her gift in an alabaster box ready. Whatever happens today, I must be focused and ignore distractions until my gift of this fragrant oil to this great Man gets to Him. She said to herself.

I am prepared for the best and ready to ignore whatever the Pharisees say or do. But they aren’t getting in my way today. My day for exchange is here, and no one will stop me. 

She was determined and focused on her mission.

She pressed forward, and as soon as she saw the Master, she opened her alabaster box and lavished her fragrant oil on His feet. As she touched the feet of Jesus, virtue left the Master and was transferred into her. Immediately she felt the power of God, who convicts and convinces a sinful man/woman upon her. Her eyes were open to the opportunity of exchange before her.

As she poured out an alabaster box and touched Jesus, she let go of everything (sin, pride, lust, shame, reproach, anger, resentment, guilt, immorality, envy, lies, unthankfulness, stubbornness, etc.) for an exchange of salvation, joy, and peace that cannot be understood.

The populous sinner became a celebrated woman embraced and wrapped by God’s mercy and salvation.

We don’t know the kind of sin she was into that made her so popular with the name tag ‘sinful woman.’ But when Jesus stepped on board, He exchanged the popular sinful lifestyle in her for a popular sinless lifestyle. It doesn’t matter how deep you are in the ocean of sin. Master Jesus’ hand is long enough to pull you out of that miry clay of sin. 

The Pharisees must have tried to hinder her while she pressed on to meet the Master. But she was too focused and determined not to be distracted. There are times when distractions from within or without can speak discouraging words to us. At such times you must know that it only takes a determined, focused, and courageous man to lose sight of those distractions to gain his mission fully.

There is always an opportunity for exchange when we come to God with our spirit, soul, and body.

Whenever we commune with God with our totality, we touch Him in prayer, and He satisfies our thirsty souls in return.

What’s in your alabaster box? Release it to Jesus and see Him exchange it with joy, peace, and more than you’ve asked.

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