Submit Your Loaves to Him

A little one came to hear the Savior talk and packed lunch. It was told to him that Jesus needed His lunch to fix lunch for everyone, 5000 more people around.  

Are you desperate for an increase in your life? Do you have so many needs? Are you living on the bare minimum? This article is for you.

GOD is the master of increase. Not only does He increase a hundredfold, but He also can make something out of absolute nothing, something good. And He is willing to do this.

God has it all to give, but we must be able to receive from Him.

One of the first things we must learn is the ability and willingness to give to God and for God’s sake. This is the formula for attracting God’s kind of increase. A stingy man will never attract an increase from God. When we withhold from giving for God’s interest, He allows us to remain meagre, but sacrificial giving opens the floodgates of heaven and rains down blessings.

When we give to God, He uses it to bless other people’s lives and, in return, give us more than we have ever given or imagined. 

One day, I had a list of 3 essential needs to attend to and just enough money to attend to only one of the needs, either one. While I was going through this list and figuring out how on earth I was as going to make it work, I heard the Spirit of God say to me, ‘In your hands, this money can take care of just one thing on this list, but in God’s hands, it can take care of all.’ So difficult as it was, I prayerfully packaged the money and gave it back to GOD, and every item on that list was ticked out in less than a month. Things that required huge amounts. 

In your hands, your loaf bread can feed a mouth, but in God’s hands, it can feed 5000 and still bring you 12 baskets.

Some people gave their way out of poverty, lack and debt, and even misfortunes. Some have elevated their status just through giving. 

You can give your way out of just anything;

Need good health? Care for someone who is unwell.

Need a good favour? Help out someone who isn’t so lucky.

The more you give out of yourself, the more you attract to yourself.

It is a principle that works in and out of season, so do not be afraid when it comes down to give, and do so with a sincere and gratitude.

But remember this:

Whatever we put in God’s hands undergoes incredible multiplication, good or bad. When we sow bad seeds to God, we receive hundredfold repercussions for our actions. So we must be careful to apply wisdom in our lives, for if we decide to sow evil seeds, we can be sure it will come back to us immeasurably.

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