Embracing The Past

They were not the most educated or qualified, but He chose them to be His first twelve. The disciples of Jesus were privileged and favoured to be in His team, going places with Him, learning at His feet, asking and having answers to their questions, and, amongst other things, eating, laughing, and praying together for three years.

The crucifixion of Jesus crippled the feeling of self-worth, boldness, courage, and faith His disciples had. They concluded without the presence(physical) of their Rabbi, there was absolutely no need to continue the soul-fishing business they were selected and appointed to do. They abandoned everything and returned to the fishing profession business they were into before being called by the Master.

“I don’t think I can confidently cope in ministry without the Master because I don’t have all it takes to continue,” Peter said coldly.

“I also feel the same way.” The other disciples individually chorused.

“At this point, I am returning to my fishing business, but anytime I am less busy, I will visit some places to preach or follow up on the newly saved.”

“Peter, we are returning with you.”

They all stood up, heading towards their boats.

“It’s been more than five hours, yet we’ve caught nothing, not even a single fish.” Thomas glared at the rest.

“Don’t worry. Let’s keep hopes alive. We still have a few hours before it’s morning. We will definitely get some fish before the day breaks.” Tired and discouraged, Peter gave his colleagues hope that he wasn’t sure about.

Observing His disciples, Jesus came on board to save them from the mess of discouragement and frustration. He understood their predicament and knew how they were feeling. They were provided for abundance in abundance. He also made them breakfast to eat.

Peter may have thought returning to his past profession was OK because he already had reasons that he thought were valid why he won’t be soul-fishing. But he was wrong. The moment he embraced his past, disappointment leading to frustration overwhelmed him until the master stepped in for a rescue.

As believers, sometimes we are responsible for our disappointments, frustrations, and depression. And it happens when we embrace our past. 

Are you feeling discouraged and frustrated with yourself, your business, career, ministry, parenting, or marriage? Do you want to throw in the towel because you think you have reached your limit?

What/Who have you embraced?

Whatever we have left for Christ or have been commanded by Christ to be left behind should remain behind.

If we return to embrace our past, it opens the door to disappointment, frustration, and depression.

Let the past be in the past.

Live with God in the present and,

Pursue a future with Him.

Refrain from embracing your past.

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