Your Preparatory Package.

God’s thoughts and plans for His children are of peace and not evil, so we can have a future and hope. Jeremiah 29:11.

We know and can rehearse the above scripture verse anytime, but we must think deeply and meditate on this scripture.

We must know that there are processes in the thoughts and plans of God for us, His children. And in these processes, there is a Preparation phase.

In the book plan of God for every one of us are things written concerning our lives and how each stage should play out.

As children of God, once we align with God, He immediately activates His plans and purpose for us by preparing us because, without adequate preparation, poor performance is unavoidable.

Preparation equips us for the future God has planned for us. We must note that our preparatory equipment differs from one another because we were created uniquely for some unique assignments.

As an individual, God can use circumstances to get you prepared. For the other, He can choose to use family; for another, He employs strangers, colleagues, employees, etc. Everything, anything, and anyone can be a tool in the hand of God for your preparation.

I remember how bold I was to let out all in my heart in my early years once I was offended. But when I released my whole being to God, I was earnestly interested in whatever and however He would want me to speak and behave.

While in the school of the Spirit, I learnt always to be sensitive to God’s Spirit. So whenever I was offended, I noticed I couldn’t Speak, not because I didn’t want to speak, but because the Spirit of God always restricted me from speaking.

Honestly, it was difficult because, during those times, I would be accused or lied against by people around me for what I never did or said, but I couldn’t speak to defend myself. After a few months or years, the truth always prevails, and sometimes apologies are tendered to me.

One of the days, I was meditating and playing through the gallery. I realised that every time I kept mute, I attained more wisdom, multiplication of grace, depth of understanding, and higher steps of honour and unmerited favour. 

Now, it’s not a thing to struggle to stay mute. My preparatory class and stage were effective and never in vain. 

What I thought and saw as hurt and discomfort during such times turned out to be a blessing I am enjoying and will always enjoy as I stay on God.

The preparatory class of God for you can come in an unusual way and package. Identifying this preparatory package makes your journey hitch-free from mistakes and regrets.

Nevermind the grief, unpleasant circumstances, financial struggle, accusations, etc. Always have a positive mindset and be sensitive to the Spirit of God because He will undoubtedly make your path shine bright and fill your life with His blessings.

Do you know why?

For He knows the thoughts, He is thinking towards you. They are of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and hope.

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