The Mind to Have

There is an old Asian proverb that says ‘The water the cow drinks is turned to milk and the water the snake drinks is turned into venom.’ While one benefits, the other destroys.

This we know applies very closely to our lives. It is a statement that asks us; “What do you do with what you have?

One receives a piece of information and interprets it one way, another receives the same information and interprets it another way. What makes the difference?

One is offended by something and reacts in one way, another gets the same offence and reacts in a completely opposite way. What makes the difference?

One gets an opportunity and uses it in one way, another gets the same opportunity and uses it in an opposite way. What makes the difference?

It all lies in the mind we have.

As a child of God which mind do you carry? What is the outcome of what goes into you?

It is very easy and even right to blame the circumstances but if we can take the hard way and focus on ourselves instead of the circumstances, we will be able to learn to react differently.

The Bible in Philippians 2:5 says; Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus …

When we allow Jesus to influence us with His mind, we will find ourselves having a sweeter approach to life. We will have:

  • More love than hatred
  • More joy than sorrow 
  • More kindness than meanness
  • More compassion than disdain 
  • More understanding than blame
  • More justice than partiality 
  • More peace than striving. Etc.

We will give more, heal more and spread more joy to those around us instead of toxicity…

The world around us is already as difficult as it is. But how we navigate through it, and if we must come out victorious, then we must have a change of heart today. We must have our minds worked on today. A mind that is worked on by God is a mind that spreads positivity. It is not a feeble mind filled with cowardice. It is not a mind that gives up even in the toughest times. It is a conquering mind.

So, dear friends, we ought to now go to GOD to change our minds for good.

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