Not Mine Nor Yours


They both stood, watching closely and intensely at the newly elected king, looking for any sign of mercy from him.

One prayed for mercy  while the other prayed against it.

Their secret desires, good or bad, were at the mercy of the king.


She watched the little child,

she knew this child had not done her any harm.

she knew he didn’t deserve the darkness swarming inside her.

She knew that the desire to see the child dead was great inside her.

As the child hung upside down wailing his eyes out and the sword ready to descend on him, pleasure swelled inside her as she gave a subtle smile. Her housemate was about to get a taste of her sorrow. The thought started to heal her from the sorrow of the loss of her own child.

So mean right?

Stop right there!!!!


Before you judge, how many people’s babies have you wished dead?

  • When you wish that your friend doesn’t get the contract.
  • When you wish they don’t get that job because it will make them feel like they are above you.
  • When you wish some kind of misfortune on them just to prove your point.

Even the slightest ill wish is an attempt to kill their child, and honey that won’t stop your pain, neither will it heal you.

So the next time you are tempted to think ill for someone, remember;

‘Your wounds do not heal when you inflict your injury on another’

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