What’s Your Nickname?

Let’s drive to church history about a man called Charles Haddon Spurgeon. He was an English Baptist preacher who was highly influential among Christians of various denominations. His salvation experience began when he was 15years old and by 16years old he was baptized. He sold himself to God until he was nicknamed “Prince of Preachers”.

Today, the works of Charles Spurgeon still speak even after many centuries gone. His charity organization which is now globally, Spurgeon’s college named after him, commentaries, books of prayer, devotional magazines, hymns and many sermons that have been transcribed as he spoke and were translated into many languages during his life-time.

A song writer wrote a song and titled it only remembered by what you have done. Most times we are not only remembered when we are gone to eternity but, we are remembered while we still live.

A popular saying “how you dress determines how you will be addressed”. It’s so true but let me add by saying, “how you live determines how you will be addressed.” Your life is like a book being read daily. What are your readers reading about you?

Charles Spungeon lived a life influencing lives because he allowed God to influence his life at 15years old. He influenced lives so much that the influence gave him a name “Prince of Preachers”

What is your nickname?

Your nickname is not just what you call yourself but your real nickname is what others have read about you.

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