26th Nov. 2020 | Today’s Prayer


Heavenly Father, thank You for life and the opportunity You have given me today to be better.

I know, I have failed You so many times by shifting blames to another or the devil instead of admitting my fault and asking for mercy. You have given me a good home but I have slowly allowed the devil to whisper to me that I’m not at fault and as such I have blamed my husband for everything. My relationship with friends are also affected, because I am the perfect one in my eyes and they are at fault.

But today Lord, right now, I ask for mercy from You. Cleanse me today and take charge of my heart and my senses. Heal me and heal my husband and as many that have been negatively affected by actions. Help me to right my wrongs were necessary. Give me grace to be better and to live better.

All these I have prayed in Jesus Name, Amen.

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