Mother’s Love: The Search For A Jochebed.

A mother is one of God’s precious gifts to humanity. She is a multi-talented being who plays her role with unwavering dedication. No matter how we try to describe a mother’s love, we can never give the perfect explanation of the expression of such devotion. We can simply summarize a mother’s love as divine because it comes from God, and anything divine remains a mystery that cannot be expressed in words alone.

The first relationship of a child always begins with the mother. No matter how grown they may be, every child always finds comfort and protection in a mother’s love. The passage of time never reduces a mother’s love. It grows stronger and deeper rather than old. 

Mother’s love is so pure, strong, and sacrificial even if, in the process will affect their lives. 

A mother’s love can produce faith and secure the future of her child(ren). Jochebed, the mother of Moses, is a woman who lived the life of an exemplary mother and what should be encapsulated in a mother’s love. She sacrificed by risking her life to protect her gift from God. Observe how she thought out of the box to save her precious son. 

She refused to accept the decree of the king of Egypt, which was displayed in her actions. Jochebed was heartbroken at the king’s decree to terminate all male babies. It was a ruled-out task for her.

She went the extra mile to see that she secured her precious son’s life.

She made a basket of protection for Moses.

While pondering on the motherly display of Jochebed, I realised something through the help of the Holy Spirit. Moses was not only hidden in a basket. Jochebed hid Moses in more baskets that were unseen to men but God. 

What do you think? How can a Godly woman make a mere basket to hide her child without doing the unseen?

She made unseen baskets and kept Moses in there day and night. Baskets of faith and prayer. Oh! I can imagine Jochebed’s sleepless night, praying to God on behalf of her seed. The unwavering faith in God and her precious son’s future yielded a purposeful life for him. She already saw a goodly and proper child. 

The basket of prayer and faith made by Jochebed floated Moses and led him to the king’s palace to be treated like the prince he was.

The baskets made by Jochebed contributed to the purposeful life Moses lived.

Our generation of mothers has replaced the time for making a prayer basket for their precious souls with social media activities and the drive to make money. They forget that these are the devil’s distracting tactics.

Some parents are experiencing regrets and pains because they prayed more for their business, ministry, and others than their children. They replaced watch-hour of prayer with watching movies. These kids are now grown into adulthood, and often because they were not properly guided by divine Hand of God that can only be activated by divine act of prayer, their destiny is not fully actualised.

Jochebed secured the future and soul of her son Moses in these baskets.

Dear Parents, what basket have you kept your child(ren) in? 

Is it a basket of negative confessions rather than faith?

How ceaselessly do you pray? Or has your attention been drawn away from prayer? 

Remember, the prayer and faith basket you keep your precious little ones in even before birth contributes to their future. 

Please don’t wait until they are 13 or 30 years old before making a basket where they are kept.

Your 30-minute ceaseless night prayers when they are yet unborn can save their soul.

Your 1-hour prayer when they are still three months can save a generation.

Your ceaseless prayer and faith today are the foundation of a fully actualised destiny.

Do you have a basket called prayer where your children are kept?

God is looking for JOCHEBED.

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