Fatal Harvest.

Reading the accounts of the Kings of Israel is fascinating. 

David was the reason why God always kept someone available to rule Judah. He had stripped the kingdom out of their lineage in the time of Rehoboam to give them to Jeroboam. He intended to strip the house of Solomon of all the kingdoms of Israel, but whenever He remembered David, He kept the land of Judah with a successor from David.

At some point, God said something about David that terrified me and got me questioning.

He(God) said that David was a man who was never faulted except in the case of Uriah (rephrased). That was the ONLY recorded sin of David, literally. But the trouble that came into his family after that was so terrible that I had to ask if his previously impeccably clean record and instant repentance were all in vain.

Let’s look at what he did and how it affected him.

He got attracted to a woman, got her pregnant, and killed her husband to cover his track and have her. 

However, when Nathan the prophet recounted what he did with the scenario of another person, David, in his own words, barked out that whoever did that deserved to repay FOUR times for what he did. 

Then God meted out severe punishment on David that echoed through the years. He had more trouble recorded within his household than Saul, who was a perpetual offender. 

The events recorded after the story of Uriah were all sorrowful. David’s son raped his sister and was killed by his other son. His son planned a coup and sent him into hiding. His wives were raped by his son in public for all to see. Terrible bloodshed and sorrow followed David. He lost his peace after that.     


It was later said that he was faultless before God except for ONE SIN.

So how far can one seed of evil go?

First, I must say this; while reading David’s account after that particular sin, you will forget that this was the David that killed Goliath, that everyone adored, never lost a battle, and sang many songs. You will actually forget all that. He became extremely ORDINARY.

Dear friends, I hope this has something to teach us. 

  • Just one seed of sin can dethrone you and make you an ordinary person susceptible to all sorts of troubles and traps of the enemy.
  • It can change the whole trajectory of your life; It has a compound effect likened to a flying plane. A 5° deviation from the course can land you in an entirely different city. You can trace a chain of catastrophic events to just one misdeed.
  • It affects not only you but also innocent ones around you, your loved ones.
  • It lasts so long and gets more complex with time. Etc

It is true that we are grateful to come under the covenant of the blood of Jesus, under which we can hide from the terrible consequences of our sins if we repent. However, we must understand that God’s principle of recompense still speaks in our lives, and, as such, we must be cautious with what we do, especially when we think no one is seeing us. 

So many are in great suffering now because of something they did in their ignorance or even something that someone connected to them did. Others, because of their current actions, are setting up themselves and those connected to them for a very turbulent future.

We must therefore be careful and prayerful. Allow God to root out every seed or tendency in us and submerge ourselves in a life guided by the Holy Spirit through the Word of God. Only then can we be guaranteed a safe life now and ever after.

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