Misplaced Priority

Almost every lady wants to get married to a good-looking, honest, selfless, hardworking, decent, loving, and above all, the usual God-fearing man.

Who doesn’t like good things? We all do.

In the present world, marriage has become a criterion to validate a responsible, happy, and fulfilled woman, especially in some parts of the world.

As a result, desperation has taken a toll on most ladies.

Don’t get me wrong, marriage is a beautiful experience when you marry your bone and flesh but being desperate to get there or even selling your dignity for the same is self-degrading.

Many ladies who have rushed into marriage are in regret because they misplaced their priorities. They had thought marriage would give them all the satisfaction they desired. They got into the marriage and were disappointed, which led to depression and a marriage crisis.

Firstly, your priority is to know the purpose of your existence and live it. There is unspeakable joy and satisfaction in living and leading a purposeful life.

If you don’t appreciate the gift of singlehood by self-developing, living, and leading your purpose, you will find it challenging to appreciate your marriage and stay committed. You will be lost in this institution called “marriage.”

Find yourself, your path, and your purpose while single. Then gradually, you will transcend to the next phase.

Secondly, tick the box of your ideal man. Are you the right woman that suits such a man in your minds-eyes? Be sincere to yourself if you fit such a man or if you are the man, will you marry “you?”

You want a man who listens – do you listen when someone speaks, or you’re quick to shut them up and give your response?

You want a neat man –  are you neat? Is your environment neat?

You want an understanding man – how understanding are you towards people?

You want a loving man – do you love yourself and others?

You want an honest man – are you honest?

You want a selfless man – how sacrificial are you?

You want a decent man – are you decent?

You want a hardworking man – what work are you doing or learning to do now?

You want a good-looking man – when last did you take care of your hair (private part and armpit inclusive), nails, and the wax in your ears?

You want a calm man – are you calm when faced with an offense?

You want a godly man – are you godly?

God is undoubtedly merciful. Nevertheless, He is the God of justice. If you are insincere, you will be attracted to or surrounded by more insincere people. Most times, what comes to you is what you deserve. 

Yes, we aren’t perfect; we all have flaws, weaknesses, and negative traits (inbuilt or acquired).

I agree. The question now is, what effort are you making to improve yourself?

Don’t settle for imperfection if you want a perfect life.

Dear Singles, marriage is fun, exciting, and satisfying when you; 

?Know Yourself.

?Know and live in Christ.

?Know and live in your Purpose.

Appreciate this stage(singlehood) because it’s a gift.

Please, don’t misplace your priority.

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