Daddy, Please Just Two Days

I had gained admission to a better higher Institution. I was so excited I was leaving my old school though with mixed feelings because I would miss my friends.

I needed to go get my belongings from the school and return home the next day. When I got to school, I realized there were a lot of people I needed to bid farewell and a day wasn’t just enough for me.

I placed a call to my Dad and requested he gives me 2 days to spend with my friends. He refused, requesting I return back the next day. I kept pleading until he reluctantly agreed.

I was super excited because I had 2 days to hang out with friends. The first day went so well. On the second day, a friend of mine had invited me to his place. So we fixed the appointment for the evening of that day.

The D day was here with us. I told my girlfriend about my visit to Silvanus’ place. She insisted she would accompany me there. We both went together and a few minutes later she had a call that warranted her absence for a while.

Silvanus and I were all alone and he was just holding my hands and telling me how he’s gonna miss me so much. I did tell him the same thing.

Lo and behold, I noticed our heads began coming close to kiss. Just right before both lips could come together, my girlfriend Anita came in without even knocking.

She saw the atmosphere and immediately said “let’s go now”.

She usually acts like my elder sister.

I immediately stood up and bid him farewell.

If Anita had delayed a second, nothing would have stopped us from kissing and maybe the worst(sexual intercourse) would have happened.

Two days would have wrecked me for life. God saved me using Anita.

The lessons I learnt are:

  • Never to think I know better than my parents.
  • An alone time with the opposite sex can stir up an unwanted atmosphere no matter how morally good or Holy Spirit-filled one may be.
  • Surround yourself with good friends.
  • As a parent, I will never allow my children to have their way at all times, especially when I am uneasy with their decisions.

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