And What About Being Relevant?

I used to have a different idea about being relevant. Don’t get me wrong, I have heard that you are not too small to make a big difference. But have you thought of how to do that?

Hang on, we are going for a ride in my favourite book, The Bible – 2kings 5:1-27  (The story of Naaman). As you must have guessed, we are looking at that young slave girl. 

So let’s see from there how one can connect to relevance. One would think that she became relevant because she spoke up and thereby saved her master. And that’s how many of us seek to rise. 

But honey that’s so not it. 

Did you know? 

Her relevance wasn’t found in that statement, it was in the little actions she took on a daily basis. It was birthed in those little cheerful greetings, honest diligence and resilience in her duties, her constantly being in the presence of her mistress, nurturing a trustworthy relationship instead of idle babbling with the other maids or servants, her good treatments towards her fellow servants and maids. 

She built a track record of ingenuity and little problem solving. So when the opportunity to solve a big problem presented itself, she spoke up, and as usual, she was definitely trusted, respected and given audience.

Let me tell you the magnificent result of that: 

The king obeyed her voice and went into action because his commander in chief has a testimony of her ingenuity.

 – A letter carrying her instructions was written. 

– A king was commanded and troubled into action. 

– And yet another miracle was recorded in history. 

Hey, don’t go far, remember that girl has not even left her little room, but she is remembered in history forever! 

Edirin Edewor said (paraphrased): You can be in a place but your words will go places and affect people, and speak your name.

So I wish to say this: having seen that what you are looking for isn’t birthed in one picture, but in many little pictures, start now to paint your little pictures and build your track record. 

It is not too late, if you are reading this now, then please start now! Build now so that when the one big opportunity presents itself, you will shine like the sun.

 Good luck in your endeavors.

From me to you.

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