On the window she sat, watching the young slave who was well built, filled with palpable desire which you could almost smell on her. Filled with wild thoughts drilling through her soul and emptying her of all her virtues, but she didn’t know it and making way for complete emptiness. Surrounded by luxury, she was full of herself and empty of God.
God was there but couldn’t find her because she was full even though hollow.

Beside the well she sat, wondering why she was the only one who couldn’t fit in.
Why she cannot keep a single marriage, not one but five. ‘how damaged am I?’ she asked herself.
She sat there filled with anguish almost forgetting she came to draw water. She was filled with thoughts, thoughts that drilled through her soul, emptying her of all the desire to remain her wretched self.
God was there and He found her, and she was filled with God and empty of self.

Being hollow has powerful vacuum effect. Has the tendency to draw in what you are most desiring of.
When you empty yourself of self, you will be filled with God, but when you empty yourself of God you will definitely be filled with self.
Remember that hollow is always noisy, if you are empty of self, you will be loud enough to attract God’s attention. But if you are empty of God, you will be loud enough for all to see your folly.
Have you found yourself struggling with emptiness, being filled with things that are emptying you of the desire to live right? God is ever present to help you.
Let Him empty you of this that would harm you and fill you with His presence. He is there waiting at the well to fill you with the water that doesn’t run dry.
May He find you at the point of your need. AMEN!

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