A Special Ark

No one was created to be a loser.

For every creation, there is a specific purpose to be fulfilled. Our father knew exactly what He wanted when He made you. You are supposed to be a perfection of something that has been left imperfect.

We only carry around our imperfections because we have not found the complementary end we are supposed to be attached to, to make the perfect picture.

Inside everyone of us, God has placed a part of Himself which is expected to grow. How much of Himself He sees in us determines how far He is willing to work with and for us.

You can be a vessel of gold or wood, what you physically look like or your situation doesn’t define you, it is the action that God has made for you to perform that defines you.

Remember two arks made history;

One was of wood and the other of gold.

One was to be carried by people and the other was to carry people.

One was extremely large and the other wasn’t.

Both arks were directed by God, both arks had the presence of God in them and both fulfilled their purpose. 

You are everything that God need you to be to fulfil your purpose, remember that.

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