The Purest of Births

Let me interest you with a strange genealogy;
The purest life on earth, the life of Jesus, the life that came through a chaste virgin, had a track record of great imperfections.
3 women in his genealogy had history of fornication or adultery
Tamar(daughter in law of Judah), Bathsheba and Ruth.
These women were known in their times for doing despicable things.

There were many reputable women through whom Jesus could have come, since God is very concerned about maintaining the perfect image.
God is concerned about that, yes, but before God, the “perfect image” was redefined. A broken and contrite heart, a heart that will turn away from evil and follow Him, a heart he can find teachable enough to work in and work with.

God carefully selected these people to show us that when He is involved, everything is made beautiful.
He takes a beggar and makes him a king
He takes the impure and makes him pure,
He takes the wretched and makes him worthy

It doesn’t matter what the past has been, it doesn’t matter what runs in the family, it doesn’t matter what shameful thing you have done, God can make something pure out of your impurity because His standard of judgement is way past that of man.
If only you can come to Him with your heart open to let Him in, He will give you the purest of new birth.

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