God Never Disappoint

It is normal whenever we are in need to ask the nearest person to us, or someone we can rely on, who we know or believe can help us. It is absolutely a necessary part of being together as humans. No man is an island.

But while we are asking our fellow humans, we must ensure that we do not depend on a man for our well-being and as our hope.

Also, God has no respect for anyone who puts their trust in man.

As humans, we are bound to be forgetful as life keeps happening to us all. That is why putting our trust and hope in man is futile. 

Take the story of Joseph; he depended on the butler he helped and was forgotten. When he cited his petition to the butler, he felt abandoned by God, and this made him place his trust in man. For two years, he was left destitute. This must have made him learn through disappointment to put his confidence back in the God of his childhood. 

His circumstances took a great turn for the best when God remembered him.

When Rachel was childless, she ran to her husband and demanded a solution. In contrast, Leah had her trust in God. This is proven by the comments she made after the birth of each child. Rachel trusted her husband and was left childless until she turned over to God.  Genesis 29:22.

Earlier, we said God has no respect for anyone who chooses to believe in anything or anyone else but Him. Sarah’s predicament echoes through generations because of the mistake they made with Hagar. Her trust was turned away from God.

We display great regard for the sovereignty and omnipotence of God when we approach Him with our needs instead of trusting in our effort. Some trust in chariots and others in horses, but those that put their trust in God shall mount up with wings as eagles and do exploits.

God is the one who knows our individual makeup and our needs. He knows exactly how to meet us at the point of our needs. He knows exactly what to do for each of us to make us good.

Furthermore, He is very eager and willing to attend to us. He is our ever-present help in times of need.

So the next time you are choked or pressed down by a burden, TAKE IT TO GOD, FOR HE WILL NOT DISAPPOINT YOU.

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  1. Lord this Day I surrender my all to you without leaving anything behind. Move before me, talk before me and help me in this journey to heaven. I’m sorry for times I never trusted your powerful works in my life. Sweetest boyfriend of all time till eternity come and lead me and let’s roll better than we used to. Thank you because I know that when a sincere heart surrender to you, you will take charge over that soul. I love you best friend?

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