Unshackle Yourself

Amanda had just gained admission to the University to study her chosen course. As a newbie, her Dad had called a friend of his, Mr. Steve, who lives in the location where his daughter had gained admission concerning his daughter.

Amanda’s Dad made sure she always had everything throughout her stay in school. Her Dad was constantly providing money for her house rent, feeding, and miscellaneous expenses.

Amanda always had extra savings to make from her house rent because of the kind gesture of Mr. Steve. Throughout her studies, she never paid a penny for house rent because Mr. Steve took care of that aspect. He told her not to bother about her house rent.

A few years after graduation, she was back home searching for a Job. 

Amanda made a friend while in school, and they both lived and loved like sisters. After graduation, Sonia immediately began applying for a Job and a Master’s Degree program. Whichever came first, she was going with it.

Sonia got an email about her admission success. She was elated because she wanted to further her career. Mr. Steve recommended Sonia to a friend who requested a bright candidate for a position in his company. 

Sonia was so overwhelmed. Getting what she prayed for in a grand style. She immediately informed Mr. Steve about the letter of admission she had just received for a Master’s Degree Program. She requested that the Job offer be given to Amanda, but Mr. Steve refuted it.

“She has an attitude of ungratefulness,” he said. After the kindness I showed her because of her Dad, she never appreciated me. Never for once has she called to say thank you during her University days or since graduation.

Sonia, since you will be travelling for your Master’s program, I will better give this golden opportunity to a stranger than to Amanda. Mr. Steve said.

Amanda lost a golden opportunity because of ingratitude.

Ingratitude has robbed many of good fortune and good relationships with both God and men. One of the most wholesome, robust, and accessible strategies to rise from emotional instability is to live a life of gratitude.

Gratitude is being grateful, warm, and friendly toward a benefactor or kindness awakened by a favour received. 

The attitude of gratitude lies within you. It is in your power to awaken, and it is in your ability to awaken it.

Gratitude builds and maintains relationships.

Gratitude opens doors to more gratitude.

Gratitude breaks the shackles of entitlement mentality and stagnancy.

You lose nothing living a life of gratitude. Rather, you gain a lot both from God and men.

Start living a life of gratitude.

A life of gratitude is a healthy and happy life.

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