Replaced With The Inferior.

There is a story that can pass off as one of the saddest in the book of kings.

Through the wisdom given by God, Solomon acquired an unbelievable amount of gold. While he used some to build his house, he invested the rest into the house of God. The Bible recorded that it was such that nothing was made of silver. If they had chopsticks, it was made of gold. That was the temple of God in the time of Solomon. IT WAS MAJESTIC.

Then Rehoboam began to rule, and Egypt attacked just five years into his reign. First of all, why?

They had fallen into the very thing God warned about, Idolatry. The king’s mother is one of the women Solomon married from a pagan country, so the city deviated as soon as Solomon died.

This was the city that God had chosen as a place to be worshipped, which he handed to the seed of David for the preservation of both a pure lineage and true ways of worship of God. This means that if any generation has been lost because of idol worship but seeks to know their true history and God, they can come to Judah to learn about the true legacy of God.

So Judah was to be the CUSTODIAN OF TRUTH AND HISTORY, and so were its Kings.

But sadly, after five years, they got raided, and all the gold from the house of God got carried away.

And sadder even; to replace them, he made articles of Bronze.

And so the glory of that house faded from then onwards to the point that it fell completely.


The newer generation will never know the true glory of God’s house; neither will they know His true glory. They will be content and happy with the inferior. They will pride themselves in the substandard and glory in MEDIOCRITY. That’s exactly what happened upon rebuilding; some elders who remembered the old temple cried at the loss of glory while the newer generation marvelled at the temple replaced with inferiority.

Dear friends and family;

Are your lifestyle and ways today the same as when you first met God? Is the salvation you got and preserved by constant prayers, fasting, and fellowship the same salvation you are parading these days? Is the Holy Spirit still behind your inspiration from the Word of God, or does your intellect now inspire you?

You may amaze people with your beautiful lifestyle and dress and excellency of speech, but if your Christianity were to be observed by the old-time Christians, would they feel a sense of kinship by the life you portray? Or will they cry for the loss of substance?

We are in a generation where the truth has been grossly diluted and even replaced by eloquent poetry meant for the ears’ pleasure. Yet, every true child of God is called to be a custodian of God’s true legacy. So we must ask ourselves, what kind of Christians do we inspire others to be?

More importantly, the place we worship and receive from, are we being fed the accurate word of God? Does the word you hear break you down and make you long for God? Or does it make you feel good in your depravity?

We must all now turn to God for perfect direction. As many as turn to Him, He is willing and able to deliver, save and guide you to the right and then, through you, guide others to the Light.

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