You Harvest What You Sow

Mummy M remains one of the most quiet women and humans I’ve met in my life. Humble to a fault and a very timid woman. She’s the kind of woman every sister would love to have for a sister in-law and every mother would be glad to have for a daughter inlaw.

My 2-3 weeks holiday was insane. Almost everyday Mummy M as I call her would cry because of punishment or flogging from her husband.

Oh yes! You read well. Daddy J, flogs his wife at any disagreement with his sister.

I remember vividly one day Mummy M was about making dinner for her husband (Daddy J) before he returns from work. While in the kitchen, her sister inlaw came in and insisted that she cooks first. Mummy M, refused and it gave rise to insult.

Daddy J came back from work and his sister immediately twisted the whole story as usual. Daddy J called out his wife and told her to kneel down and he brought his whip and flogged her with it as usual. It was no new thing to me cause this was the norm everyday. The only thing I could do then was to cry and console Mummy M.

Daddy J’s sister finally got married a few years later and she drank from the cup she gave her brother’s wife (Mummy M). Till date she’s still suffering.

You may want to ask me about Daddy J. He experienced closed heavens until he made peace with his wife years later.

Well, what I’ve learnt from this is:

  • You reap what you sow
  • Never to make another woman let alone my brother’s wife uncomfortable in her home.
  • Never enter a home where I’m not accepted
  • When your husband treats you unjustly or even any human, they experience close heaven.
  • Develop a healthy relationship with your inlaw.
  • Build your fellow sister, sister inlaw or any woman for good. It pays to be good.

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