Don’t Give Them Space

Being a newbie to an environment can be exciting and challenging. For Miriam it was both. She was so excited to have moved to a new school that she was determined to enjoy her stay there. But did she?

It was her first day in class. Any teacher who came to take a class would want her to introduce herself. Gradually, she became loved by all the teachers. She was extremely good when she speaks. No error whatsoever in her sentences and pronunciations.

Guess what? She was just 13 years old.

Her exciting moment came crumbling. None of her classmates wanted to relate with her. She was all by herself during the lunch breaks at school. She began to feel lonely, as she would have to eat her lunch and read her novels without company.

One of the days, Miriam asked one of the girls why they don’t like associating with her? She replied “because you’re proud.” She was surprised at that reply. Miriam asked again, ‘how do I usually display pride?” She replied “because you’re always speaking good English and reading.”

Miriam, having felt lonely, allowed inferiority creep in. That was the end of Miriam reading books to please others. Little by little, the vibes for reading books dropped.

Few years later, Miriam became poor in spoken and written English. She later realized that her classmates were simply jealous of her and intimidated by her. They wished to be like her but can’t so, the only way to bring her down was for her (Miriam) to be like them.

Wow! They won and Miriam lost.

Never give room for negativity, jealousy and inferiority complex.

What’s the good thing you always love to do?
Do you love to read, sew, sing, dress decently, play musical instruments, evangelize, help out or even pray? Please Continue.

Don’t give anyone space to influence you negatively. They will win and you will lose.
Don’t let regret to be your food.

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