No Coincidence in Life

Whenever you see someone who seems to be reaping now, I want you to know that there was a time when he or she painfully sowed.

Sometimes, it looks as though certain people are the ones who get the good of everything. Most times you find out that either they or their parents have tasted the bitter side of life.

Now, you might be reaping the harvest of the things you sowed in the past or you might be painfully planting now what you will reap later. You are the one who can tell which is which but I wish to tell you that there is barely any coincidence in life or with God.

I have come to understand that who you are at any given time of life is a compendium of how you have lived over the period prior to that time.
I don’t know the life you’ve led till now; that your life seems so broken, unbearable and unattractive. But do not worry. Why? Because you are still alive.

Start now to do things differently. People might not trust you because of the person they knew you to be but do not be discouraged, continue. You might be ill spoken of but do not even blame them – they are reacting based on what they knew.

Your new life might not be obvious yet but the person that will be spoken of in years to come is who you are building today.

Please, do not stop building. Don’t let the negative voices of the past get to you and don’t let anyone discourage you because of your past.

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