Protect Your Screen

You know that feeling when you get something new either as a gift from someone or by yourself? That was the feeling when I purchased this new phone. Oh! How I woke up to my phone next to me is happiness on its own.

This feeling is the same with someone who just built a house, bought a car, got a visa he longed for, achieved something and even much more for couples who just got married.

Should I talk about couples who just got married? The feeling is heavenly. The look on their faces, the mutual appreciation, the sparkle, the joy and anything good is all over them.
Family, friends, observers and admirers wish to be like them.

Does this last forever? Yes and No.

Yes it does when the screen is protected.
No, it doesn’t when the screen is broken.

I was told over and over again to protect the screen of my phone when I bought it but I was so over-confident that nothing will happen because I was very careful.

One faithful day, my phone was ringing while I was walking in the school compound. Dipping my hand in my bag to bring out the phone, it fell faced down to the ground and that was it. Lifting it up I saw a shattered screen.

You know that feeling of anger, cry, bitterness and regrets? That was how I felt. So pained. I wished I brought it out gently. I wished I protected the screen. I wished I was more careful.
My wishes were too late.

That’s how some women have lost their husbands through carelessness. You couldn’t protect him with your words, you couldn’t protect him with your actions, you couldn’t protect him with your prayers. You couldn’t protect him in GOD.

He’s broken and shattered and you wished you had done it the other way. You wished you had protected him.

You were carried away thinking you are very careful, you were over-confident in yourself because of the knowledge you have acquired through books and counsel. Forgetting that your screen is different from another.

Have you left your screen(husband, home) broken and think there is no remedy?

Hello! The good news is, there is.

Go to the manufacturer(GOD). He knows how to repair and restore the broken.

Don’t give up.

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