Chasing Intimacy

David was surprised that Mr. Steve knew nothing about the subject matter when they were in the fieldwork but had deep theoretical knowledge about the subject matter. At some point, he had to question him, and his reply was, “I never did any training or practice that would have served as an experience.” 

If you said David was Surprised and disappointed, that might be an understatement. As he narrated his experience to me, I could relate it to our field as Christians.

Although Mr. Steve had a Ph.D., this made him dig a well of knowledge in himself. As a lecturer, he could teach and impact great knowledge to another; nevertheless, he was empty of practical aspects. 

Thinking about Mr. Steve, the Holy Spirit made me understand that many of us (Christians) are like Mr. Steve, with a well of knowledge but, in practice, zero.

Have you noticed when applying for a job, the chances of an employer going for one with experience are higher than one with certification (knowledge)?

Oh! I remember when I admired and enjoyed any demonstration of a minister. The display of knowledge and skills usually gave me chills and made me desire such. My genuine reason was a show of self and not that God would be glorified. This drive made me eager for the knowledge I thought was intimacy. 

As I grew in faith, I realised I had been chasing after the knowledge of the Christian profession rather than pursuing intimacy with the person of Christ Jesus. 

Having knowledge about God is different from knowing Him. The first entails knowing what He said in His holy book; the law, promises, and commandments. But knowing God is an intimacy that involves knowing His will, mind, desires, leads, operations, and understanding of His mysteries. 

Everyone can be knowledgeable, but only a few chase after intimacy. 

Knowledge alone about God can puff up and produce no worthy fruit, but Intimacy with God transforms and renews.

The devil is more afraid of a man who has intimacy with God than knowledge because he knows one can have the knowledge and yet be his captive. But a man in intimacy with the Father is problematic for the devil.

You can be knowledgeable about God and never be intimate with Him, but you cannot be intimate with God and lack knowledge.

No man who has an intimacy with God can ever deny his existence.

Chase after intimacy rather than knowledge.

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