Why Children are Broken

When God created Adam and Eve and placed them in the garden, he saw them as his children.

God was mindful of the fact that children always needed attention, so he always came down to fellowship with them.

The term fellowship means a feeling of friendship, relatedness, or connection between people.

Or to make one/group of persons feel welcome by showing friendship or building a cordial relationship.

God knew how important it was for him to build a connection with his children, and he used that to illustrate to man how he ought to build a connection with his own children.

Despite that, God was busy up there in heaven, planning on how to carry out other strategies after creating everything, attending to the needs of all creatures like the sea and the animals in it, and so on, yet He made time every evening to come and bond with His children.

There was no day He didn’t show up. It became a routine.

The essence of fellowship with them was to clone them into being His perfect image by interacting and communing, which would strengthen the bond more.

Devil knew that if he allowed them continuous fellowship, there wouldn’t be any chance for him, so his first target was to cut them off from that experience. 

Even after man fell, God devised another means to continue fellowship with man. He knew that way, man wouldn’t be far from him, and he’ll be able to put in control certain things in the place of fellowship. 

Baton was handed over to us today, but the question is, how many of us make time to bond or fellowship with our children?

We complain, whine, and rant about their behaviour and distance, but we could have managed those things in the place of bonding.

The devil’s first target in destroying children in the home is to destroy the intimacy or connection they share with their parents. In that way, he makes them distant.

Irrespective of their growth, there should always be a consecrated moment of interaction.

Most of these children are broken and need to be fixed, but how can that happen if the parents or a parent doesn’t keep up with fellowship? 

When Adam and Eve were broken, it was at the time of fellowship God noticed and fixed them by making them coats to cover their nakedness.

Please don’t leave them to fix their mess or their lives all by themselves. The best they can do is sew fig leaves for themselves.

Parents, mothers, fathers, and guardians, this is a wake-up call to start having fellowship with our children as it was from the beginning. 

Are you broken?

God can make coats from animal skin to fix your nakedness, but you must return to fellowship with him first.

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