Leaving the Waiting Queue

The commandment was “Do not depart from Jerusalem but wait for the promise of the Father.”

The Promise(Holy Ghost) of the Father is the blessing attached to the above two in one commandment given to the apostles by Jesus shortly before his ascension.  

The Apostles were not given the day or time for the fulfilment of the promise.  

They remained in Jerusalem as commanded by Jesus. They utilised their time during their waiting period. Since they weren’t notified of the day or time when the promise would be fulfilled, they prayed and discussed kingdom advancement amongst themselves. During such conversations, Matthias was elected to replace Judas Iscariot.

Have you been in a particular space waiting for a thing, and you always get disappointed irrespective of the effort made, prayers prayed, and faith manifested? It could be waiting and praying for a life partner, career opportunity, healing of your body or loved ones, the fruit of the womb, spiritual open doors, recovery of your marriage, business, ideas, etc. I believe your emotions would be pain, sorrow, and sometimes anger, bitterness, frustration, and even depression. 

The waiting room is never pleasurable. It can bring out honey or bitter water from you. But most of the time, the choice is always yours.

During your waiting phase, aside from God wanting to achieve something in you, with you, and through you, He also expects something from you most times.

The Apostles were given a commandment and a promise. If they had neglected the commandment and expected the promise’s fulfilment, they would have waited for a long time. They obeyed the instruction of God, and during the wait, they engaged themselves with something productive, that is, praying and kingdom advancement discussions. 

They were in such a euphoric environment when the promise’s fulfilment descended, and no one was left out.

Have you believed in God for a thing, or has God made you a promise? It could be weeks, months, or even years that have passed, yet you’re still in the tunnel of darkness and in a sea where your hope has drowned. You could have prayed, fasted, manifested faith, and also put in efforts and hard work where necessary, but your result is always a disappointment, or rejection. You would have tried a different approach, yet the result is frustrating. 

Just a question for you.

Is there any personal instruction(s) of God you have neglected? Imagine if the apostles ignored Jesus’ commandment and went about praying and fasting because the promise and the commandment were attached. They would have been waiting for a long time until they realised the promise would only be fulfilled in Jerusalem.

Some promises of God to you may be tied to a specific commandment/assignment from Him. You have to pray and find out the Jerusalem God wants you to remain in.

As you wait for God’s promises to be fulfilled, align yourself with the right people for the productive use of your time. People who you can pray with, boost your faith, engage you in healthy and constructive discussions and connections, etc.

Also, remember that whatever God has promised you, He will surely fulfill them. 

Keep faith engaged, align with the right people, be productive with your time, and ensure you’re in your Jerusalem.

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