Can The Strain Be Relieved?

The days of man are few but with more than enough troubles to last him for five lifetimes.

Sometimes pondering over this makes one wonder what God had in mind when He created man. If He knew there would ever be a time when our lives would become this way? Is He even aware of the troubles that we face now? Why bother creating us in the first place if there will come a point when we go through such misery and sorrow?

If we were going to fall into sin, why allow us?

Such thoughts and questions are endless.

Ecclesiastes 7:29 perhaps sheds some light on that;

“Lo, this only I have found, that God has made man righteous; but they have sought out many inventions.”

Let’s think this through for a minute:

How was the world before the invention of technology and civilisation?

What was the mortality rate? How massive was the death toll?

The death toll from car, train, and plane crashes is massive and horrendous. What about the increased rate of cancer and some illnesses?

Now the world is looking for how to protect the earth and restore the health of humanity.

But of course, this is the science part of this. How about the spiritual aspect, which is what we are focused on?

How easy is it to keep strong faith and resist temptations now as compared to our early days;

When there were no mass media tools and no “Woke” ideologies distracting and confusing us. Sometimes it makes me weep for the younger generation because the foundations are rapidly crumbling due to our choices today.

Somehow we have found ways to make everything God’s fault when realistically, we are the reasons for our entanglement to sin. Indiscipline, disobedience, lack of intentionality, and focus weaken our relationship with God and alter our God-divine purpose. 

Just as in us are embedded the creative power, the power of will also lies in us. It’s our choice to be entangled or disentangled.

Life becomes easy and beautiful when we live a life that will always be pleasurable to God—living a life of discipline, obedience, focus, and intentionality.

The intelligence given to man by God wasn’t to invent things that should control or can eventually destroy him.

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