He Still Restores

When you come across the phrase ‘He still restores,’ what comes to mind? 

I know the answer. These three words bring faith, hope, encouragement, and strength. 

Restoration is the process of bringing something back to its original state. For something to be said to have been brought back, it means it was taken away from you or lost by you.

At one point in our lives, we have definitely lost something. It may have been something as little or insignificant in monetary value as the cover of your pen. When you found it, how did you feel? 

I know the feeling and emotions were that of happiness, relief, excitement, or stability. 

Losing something is not limited to only physical/material things. It includes spirituality, health, marriage, purpose, etc.

-Remember when king Hezekiah lost his health and was on the verge of death? He cried to God and reminded God of His promises toward him and his(Hezekiah’s) commitment and services. God heard him and abundantly restored his health by adding more years to his life.

-All Job had was taken away from him in the twinkling of an eye. And when he was launched into his season of restoration, everything was restored in abundance.

-David had just returned and met his city ruined by the Amalekites. They took their wives and children. When he got permission from God to pursue his restoration, he did and recovered all they took from them and more.

-Mary Magdalene and the Samaritan woman lost their sanity, purity, innocence, and relationship with people due to an immoral lifestyle(Mary Magdalene) and failed marriages(Samaritan Woman), but when Jesus opened their chapter, He restored good life to them that was originally in God’s plan for their lives. These women became evangelists of the Gospel of Christ Jesus.

-The children of Israel were robbed of peace and liberation and sometimes were even dehumanised. But when the restoration process began, liberation/freedom became theirs with a great spoil from Egypt.

What have you lost, or what is that precious thing that has been taken away from you?

  • Were you once saved and had this lovely relationship with God, but as time passed, you lost your Salvation due to the challenges of life, being unequally yoked with the wrong company, etc.?
  • Are you in a marriage where peace, understanding, love, commitment, affection, etc., have travelled far away from your marriage, and it looks like they will never return from that trip? And you now feel frustrated and have since become bitter and depressed, and your mental health wrecked?
  • Have you noticed you are constantly filled with anxiety, a troubled soul, and you can’t remember what peace feels like because of the challenges of life you are experiencing?
  • Have you had a miscarriage or lost a child, spouse, parent(s), or a dear one? Are any of your Children roaming in the path of waywardness?
  • You once knew your Purpose and were living it, but you can’t explain what has happened to you and how you drifted from the path of purpose. You now feel empty and unsatisfied.
  • You were once a jolly fellow. The joy in you was contagious. You knew the source was your intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. You have lost that relationship and guidance.

Whatever you have lost, even if part of it was due to your carelessness, I bring you good news… it can be restored, and if you believe, you will recover all.

He who has the power and means to restore what was taken from you or what you lost is God Almighty.

When He restores, He restores with great spoils. 

In your restoration process, God may require action from you.

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