Cities of Wickedness

They were two brothers from the same parents. The paths they both lived were their choices. 

One decided to be ruled by pride, envy, and hatred.

The other chose to be led by love and integrity.

The one who chose to be controlled by pride, envy, and hatred unleashed his choices on his brother. 

Cain is that brother filled with so much pride, envy, and hatred. These choices kept building until he became empowered by them.

The presence of envy consistently engages the mind in hatred; once hatred is conceived in the heart, the thought of causing harm to the individual you hate is almost inevitable.

Cain was caught in the web of his choices.

The choices of Cain infested the cities that came through him with wickedness.

Our choices can alter our paths, purpose, and even the unborn generation.

In all you do, be careful with the choice you make. Choices can raise a generation of wickedness, just like Cain did.

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