Between My Legs

I am created a perfect image of God, my father.
I am alive, beautiful, wonderfully made, fearfully fashioned.
There is something about me that I think you should know because it’s part of the blessings of creation I received from God.
Don’t get me wrong when I say that I am one of the wonders of God, for in me is His great wisdom and power shown.

I have a blessing between my legs

It’s a blessing from God and shouldn’t make for sorrow.

Between my legs is a lovely gift, a sweetener, a door for procreation, a run way for generations, a fulfilled, a determinant for success and failure.
But it could become a killer of vision, a destroyer of destiny, an exchanger, a terminator, a separator from the creator, a degrader, a sapper, an evaporator and a breaker.

Between my legs is something placed by God as an instrument of accomplishment.

Accessible but having a code; Yes, a code for accessing it. When you put in the right code, you unveil the wonders of God but when you put in the wrong code, you’re in for something totally different from the motive behind its creation and placement.

Rightly, I can birth other generations,
Rightly, I can bring many stars to the earth,
Rightly, I can show other wonders of God,
Rightly, I can fulfill purpose,
Rightly, I can boldly stand before men and God,
Rightly, I can be a blessing to all around,
Rightly, I can open the way for great men,
Rightly, I am assured of a fulfilled destiny,
Rightly, I am not afraid of tomorrow,
Rightly, I remain bonded with the Creator and many more.

How about unveiling the wonder using the wrong code?

Can there be any possible retribution seeing it is all mine afterall, and I can do with it as I please?

Not so darling, someone gave and placed it there. He has also set rules to unveil it.

Wrongly, it becomes a curse,
Wrongly, the future of the unborn stars are jeopardized,
Wrongly, I lose access,
Wrongly, I am separated from God – the giver,
Wrongly, I am miles away from fulfilling purpose and destiny,
Wrongly, I hamper the future of all who has had a taste of it,
Wrongly, I limit the ordained distance to walk,
Wrongly, the blazing dreams are evaporated and terminated,
Wrongly, the all glorious and golden destiny is exchanged for Ichabod and wood,
Wrongly, my speed becomes like the speed of a snail,
Wrongly, the enviable but lost birthright may never be restored even though sought with tears.

Now that you know about the blessing between your legs, preserve it, value it, cherish it, care for it and be accountable at last.

Call yourself to order, remind yourself that you have a blessing between your legs.
Be reminded that in you lies the future of the unborn.

The blessing between your legs.

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