Gracious Not Guilty

I was chatting with a young lady in her late 20’s some time ago. I observed she was worried while we discussed. Just like any other person would be, I became curious.

She wanted us to switch the discussion to something secular but, I insisted we talk more about God. While we talked she broke down. She said “let me just tell you the truth.” “What truth”? I said to myself.

She said, “I don’t think God can ever forgive me.” There was dead silence.
“You don’t mean it” I asked.
She nodded her head in confirmation that she meant all she said.

“Who told you that?” I asked. She replied “I just know because if I tell what I did in the past, then you will know I can’t be forgiven by God.”
She went further to say how immoral she was – she smokes, drinks and tells lies.
I immediately hugged her and told her that she’s carrying a burden that has been carried.

Praise be to God, she was led back to Christ. Today, she’s one beautiful soul, changed and refined for the Lord.

The devil is very wise, smart and subtle. He sure knows how to make people prisoners of their past. He chains them with the chain of sin, puts them in the cell of the past and locks the cell with the padlock of guilt.

When the devil wants to get any, he first makes them blind and deaf to the truth. He steals your prayer altar, then, kills your hunger for God’s word and His presence.
Sin majestically walks in with shoulders high and takes a seat.

Once he has succeeded, he does all he can to keep you as his prisoner. He makes you go deeper and deeper in sin until you see yourself to be irrecoverable and unforgivable. He then dissociates you from God’s real children.

Are you depressed because of your past?
Has guilt eaten or is gradually eating you up?
Come to Jesus like the Samaritan woman and Mary Magdalene did.
If Jesus could forgive and take the load of guilt off these women, then, He will do the same for you.

You’re a Gracious Woman not a Guilty Woman.
Don’t carry a load that has been carried.

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