Words Are Potent

A few years ago, a coursemate of mine committed suicide. I was hurt because he was a lovely, gentle, peaceful young man. Immediately after graduation, he was among the first few to get a job.

Why suicide? I ask.

His close friends told me what led to his suicide mission of no return. 

His new job was stressful, and his home was in chaos. He always complained about his mom and how she shouts at him and uses harsh and offensive words during any misunderstanding or mistakes from his end. He got into depression unknown to his mum. One day after the usual misunderstanding with his mum, he was found dead in his room a few hours later. He drank a poisonous substance. 

In today’s world, depression is not new anymore. Irrespective of gender, status, age, or race, depression can happen to anyone.

There are different causes of depression, such as; loneliness, illness, alcohol and drugs, childhood experiences, life events, etc. 

Many are going through challenges in health, finance, marriage, career, unresolved relationships, etc. Any words spoken are capable of breaking or mending them.

Words have power, and their power operates both in the physical and spiritual realms. Their power arises from our emotional responses when we read, speak, or hear them. The meaning of words can crystallise perceptions that can shape our beliefs, drive our behaviour, and, ultimately, create our world. 

Words are potent tools that we can use to fuel our inner mind and improve our lives though we’re often not conscious of the words we speak, read, and expose ourselves to. 

Do you want to know how powerful words are? Spend a few minutes with an easily angry person who vomits negative words without restraint, or spend time with someone who makes you feel less human by the words spoken; you will be completely drained and your fuel tank below the reserve. Words have great power, so choose them (and your friends) wisely!

As parents, spouse, guardians, employers, colleagues, friends, or even older siblings, the words you speak to your little ones or subordinates can affect their behaviour positively or negatively. 

Words spoken are like seeds planted in the receiver’s mind. Suppose the words are filled with bitterness, anger, curses, etc. They eventually germinate with time and produce fruit called Depression. 

Have you ever been misunderstood, embarrassed, spoken to negatively, insulted, shouted at, or judged wrongly?

If you have, please, how did you feel?

The exact way you felt when the above is meted out to you is how your kids, siblings, students, spouse, employees, and coworkers feel.

Remember that it is through words that you can create your life and the life of others. Your words can discourage, disengage, and, in extreme cases, make someone depressed.

They are humans like you too. Don’t forget that.

Have your words or actions towards anyone built, healed, and encouraged them? Or have they done the opposite?

Words can crumble, and a crumbled mind is a temple for depression.

Be careful with your words and look out constantly for your children, siblings, friends, spouse, employees, co-workers, etc.

Season your words with grace daily.

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