Your Story is Beautiful

Your story is beautiful

Dear growing mind,

Don’t let anyone tell you that your story is ugly.

Look around you, there is no one who can tell your story better than you.

But know these;

  • Your story has been written over time and stamped.
  • Your story can easily be rewritten by just anyone or anything you come across.
  • It is only with your permission it can happen.

You are going keep attracting the things you let to grow in your heart, even when your environments presents the opposite.

Samuel as child grew up in the midst of unspeakable wickedness.

Daniel, Shedrach, Meshach and Abadnego grew up as captives in the most idolatrous empire.

Joseph grew up hated by his own blood, taken advantage of and unfairly imprisoned in a pagan world.

David grew up in the bush.

But these people had the greatest stories written about them, because they understood that the best story about you comes from within you.

If you do not decide what you want to be written of you, you will be forced to live what your environment will write for you.

So you must understand this; you owe it to yourself to feed your heart with good and not bad, despite what you see around you because in the end, out of it flows the issues and stories of your life. Proverb 4:23.

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