A Call to Seek.

A troubled woman whose life and marriage were crumbling was advised that she needed the Holy Spirit to help her, but she emphatically replied, ‘I don’t need Him. I can figure myself all out.’

This is what happens when God is not the ultimate. We don’t chase and seek until we find Him.

When we believe in the existence of God and that He is everything we need to move, live and have our being, then to seek God until we’ve found Him will not be a thing of argument, discussion, or option. But it does when we have an alternative. 

The truth remains that if we don’t seek God, we will never be rewarded with what we need. God has a specific plan for our lives. But we may still keep roaming and living an insatiable life because we don’t know it, and how can we know His specific plan and purpose for us when we don’t seek Him? 

Let us search for Him with all our hearts, and then God will fulfil His plan and will for our lives.

God is eager to have a relationship with us, and He knows that this relationship can only come alive through earnest seeking, so most times, He uses His prompting tools. He sometimes withholds answers from us when we pray. He does this so that we can seek Him more. Because in seeking Him, He reveals mysteries and secrets to us and, most importantly, builds relationships with us.

Another prompting tool used by God is that He brings challenges our way. Those challenges are not meant to break us but to build faith, character, and virtues. At some other time, He prompts us to engage in personal Bible study, vigils, fastings, and praying.  

God wants us to seek Him persistently because He wants to fill our lives with everything that pertains to life and Godliness. 

God wants us to come up to the mountaintop! He’s eager and earnestly waiting. 

Are you in need of a reward? It could be the reward of the Holy Spirit, peace, righteousness, favour, salvation, deliverance, grace, mercy, ideas, etc.

How diligent are you seeking the Rewarder? Because in Him is everything!!!

God is a business Being. Remember, He’s a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. In Him, you have all things that pertain to life and Godliness. He doesn’t trade where He will be at a loss. If we earnestly and diligently seek Him, He will reward us. That’s His business plan.

  • Jacob’s life was changed when he sought the Lord.
  • Hannah became a mother of seven when she sought the Lord.
  • Isaiah sought the Lord, and his unclean mouth was cleansed.
  • Esther and the people of God sought the Lord, and the Lord turned their captivity.
  • Zacchaeus sought the Lord, and he was rewarded with Salvation. 

There are men and women in this time diligently seeking the Lord, and God has made them flames unapproachable by the devil.

God is still the same. A Gracious, Merciful, Faithful Rewarder!!!

As we seek Him, He will reward us.

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