Your Word

We haven’t been long on earth and so there are so many things we don’t know, yet.  But the little time spent here has been filled with a lot of lessons out of the things we see, use and do everyday. One of these; Words.

Do you know that your words are the you that we see? They are also the you that we do not see. 

The you that we see: we may not have met before nor are we looking at ourselves at the moment, but we are hearing the things we say and seeing the things we write. Those words draw a picture in our minds of you

The you that we don’t see: literally, aside your physical appearance, they are also what we know you with.

 “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word WAS God.”

A perfect example of the two descriptions of how we see words was the Lord Jesus Christ. We all know He represented His Father, who also is Him, well.  That brings us to the question: how well do our words represent us?

If we were to be painted by someone we haven’t met before or by someone who isn’t looking at us but seeing us through our words, what will the picture look like?

Hello! I am not talking about people with twisted minds or people who are quick to judge, or the fact that you can’t please everyone. Nor am I saying that you shouldn’t catch little fun from time to time.

I am talking about you, you, and yourself. And I, me and myself.  The person we know ourselves to be and the words emerging from within us, which you know that no one interfered with, or misjudged.

May God help us become people with beautiful and healthy words. AMEN.

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