Please Make Up

It was one of her worst days. She was so confused, hyper irritable and rash with words. I have never seen her in that mood before. I said to myself maybe she received bad news or someone offended her deeply.

I couldn’t comprehend the reason for her actions. A few minutes later a visitor walked into the office; and after a short while, became uncomfortable with the atmosphere. The visitor hurriedly prepared to leave but before stepping out, the visitor said to her “please, next time wear makeup.”

She hissed and immediately replied “have you ever seen me wear makeup?”

It amazes me how we can comfortably go out without makeup. I know someone reading this may disagree with me because she loves appearing natural.

Hello! I love makeup and you should too.

Any woman without makeup is always unattractive, timid and never smart. Makeup makes one smart, attractive and bold.

Makeup beautifies any woman and makes her graceful. It takes her before any great man. Her presence with makeup can give life to a dead environment. With her makeup on she can influence her husband, kids and anyone around her.

Any woman with makeup is always cheerful, loving, courageous and purposeful. She’s so on point. She does the right thing at the time. She speaks the right words. She is not influenced, rather she influences.

Rightly put, a woman with makeup is an Influencer.

We all want to be cheerful, have direction, be influencers and yet we don’t wear our makeup daily. How can that be possible?

Laziness, social media, excuses, business, family, career and company are the main reasons why we forget and neglect our makeup.

We’re too busy to recognize and wear This Makeup that can beautify our outward and inward self.

This Makeup is The HOLY SPIRIT.

When you neglect the only Make-up you should wear, you will definitely be made-down.

If you want to always have a productive day, a day free from sin, a day filled with joy and smile irrespective of stress, then start your day with THE HOLY SPIRIT.

You cannot be a gracious woman without This Makeup.

So whenever you notice your countenance unhealthy, apply The Makeup. Never start your day without The Makeup (HOLY SPIRIT).

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