Your Value

Dear teen,
I want to talk about something important. I want you to learn to love yourself, and understand your value. You are as enough as you should be for God to be happy with you. So learn to be your own friend. I have watched many young ones struggle because of friendship and acceptance.

You struggle because you haven’t really accepted yourself. And this has made you lose knowledge of your worth and sell your love so cheap that people find it unattractive to buy.
There are voids that no one but you and God can fill for you.
Learn to invest the best time for yourself and God.

Don’t live thinking that your fulfillment will come from elsewhere.
Just because a person is a good friend of another doesn’t mean he/she will be a good friend to you. You are your number one best friend. Believe in and love yourself. Protect yourself. Just as you set boundaries to protect what is important to you. You set boundaries to protect yourself.

After that, don’t think that using your secret or your pitiful story will get you a true friend, so don’t go about telling your story to just anyone who offers a listening ear.
Your true friend will come to you and when he/she does, you will know it. You will not have to struggle so much on him/her. Neither will you have to bring yourself down to make the person stay. Things will come natural and easy, be it confiding in the person or having the person confide in you.

So dear teen, give yourself a healthy dose of love.

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